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Transporting DJ Effects Lights


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You've got some killer LED lighting.  How should I make sure my investment is protected from damage when being transported?

There are many options when considering protection for your lighting fixtures.  They range from light duty and cheap, all the way up to ultra heavy duty and quite expensive.

Here are a few options to consider:

Plastic Totes
One option is to use plastic totes with foam padding or other soft material.  The advantage here is that it is very inexpensive and easy to get a hold of.  Home Depot, Target and a multitude of other stores carry these totes in different sizes and strengths.  The disadvantage is that they don't really offer a lot of protection, and it is harder to customize them to the exact dimensions of the LED lights you are trying to pack in them.


Gig Bags

Soft sided “gig bags” are custom made for many sized fixtures.  They have padding built in to cushion the lights from sliding around.  They are fairly inexpensive, but most are made for 1 or 2 fixtures only, so you will need to buy one for each or every 2 lights.  The disadvantage is they will eventually wear from repeated use, and they might not offer enough shock protection from drops or impacts.

LED Lighting Road Case

Road Cases
Hard or Road Cases.  These can offer the most protection, and of course they are the most expensive.  They usually include internal foam that can be customized to exactly fit each light with no movement while inside the case.  They can be bumped around a bunch without causing any damage to the fixtures inside, a definite plus when employing roadies who don't necessarily know what's inside the cases.  Many cases can fit a higher number of fixtures, and can be order with casters (wheels) for ease of transport.

Any kind of moving head fixture should really be protected well, as most of these represent a significant investment and can easily be damaged in transport or loading.  In any “case” it is a good idea to get some protection for your lights!

What are the takeaways from this article:

  • Many options available for protecting lights
  • Better protection = more money invested
  • Good cases will minimize or eliminate damage from transport

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