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Top 3 Reasons to Prewire Your Truss


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Pre-wiring is where it's at.
One of the many great things about LED lighting is it's portability.  Here's a few great reasons to pre-mount and pre-wire your DJ effects lights to your truss or stands.


LED Lighting Truss


1) Easier for crew to handle.

When you have people helping out with set up or tear down, the less complicated things are the better.  Having the requirement that each individual fixture be mounted and cabled up wastes valuable time and energy.  Pre-wire and pre-mounting saves this hassle.  Even better is to label everything so there is no question where something goes.

2) Faster setup and tear down.

All connections are already made to the individual fixtures and the wiring is tested and ready to go.  This means a much faster set up and strike.  Make two connections, (or perhaps just one if you are using wireless DMX!) raise the truss or stand, focus the lights, and you are good to go.  In reverse, you are only packing a few items, instead of tearing apart a whole truss, packing each light, and rolling up its cable.

3) A Cleaner Look.

Since everything is neat and organized, the truss will have a much cleaner look.  You can fasten all the DMX 512 cables, power cables and a outlet strip to the bar with plastic cable ties or similar. This creates a clean, organized and professional look.

Make your life easier and pre-wire!

Performance LED lighting carries the fixtures you need for a amazing light show. If you need assistance with selecting a system or fixtures, drop us a line and we would be more than happy to help. Send us an email on your LED Lighting needs.


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