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LED Lighting Applications Technical Specs for you and me Part 3


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A basic guide to the features and specs for LED lighting Part 3


Moving Head LED Light


This week we will focus on specs relating to moving head lights.

Gobo and Gobo Wheel

In a moving head DJ effects light, a gobo is a pattern that can be projected by the fixture.  They usually reside on a rotating wheel, that can be controlled remotely via DMX 512.  Gobos are useful for projecting patterns on surfaces (even performers) and aerial effects.  Most fixtures have 7 or more different patterns to chose from.  Many fixtures have the ability to rotate the gobos to create even more movement and interest.

Color Wheel

Just like the Gobo Wheel, this one contains different colors that can be changed via DMX 512.  It allows rapid changing of colors with a single high power LED light source.  There is almost always an open slot for white as well.  Many movers have automatic programs that can cycle through all the colors in a sequence.


Basically a beam splitter.  Most moving head fixtures have 3 or 4 “facet” prisms allowing the beam to be split into 3 or 4 separate beams.  You can combine this with a gobo and a color to make much more interesting looks than a fixture without a prism.  Some fixtures even have the option to rotate the the prism for even more options.

Pan and Tilt

Easy enough:  Pan is side to side movement, tilt is up and down movement.  Many lights have options for speed, and can set limits on how far they will go on either axis.

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