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Blizzard's new Pocket Nebula Review

In the past, I've never really been a huge fan of integrating lasers into small scale lighting design. They always provoke images of cheesy beams flying all over the room blinding the poor saps who were drunk enough to look directly at them.  Enter the Blizzard Pocket Nebula.  Not only is this thing compact and cheap, it's seriously cool.  Even my wife, who has never really been impressed with my lighting habit remarked, “wow, that's a cool little effect.”  Lasers indeed.

Pocket Nebula Laser

Out of the Box
This thing is tiny.  You could really hide them anywhere.  Nice.  It comes with a wall wart power supply, but it is pretty compact too and it's the rectangular kind that doesn't eat up power-strips.  In addition to the mounting yoke, it also comes with a small collapsible tripod stand to mount it on the floor or some other flat surface.

Although it's not a DMX 512 controllable light, it does have some control options on the back.  You can choose between strobing and a constant on, sound active or automatic and change the speed of the “star explosion” (more on that later), effect.  These are accomplished by a combination of slide switches, buttons and a knob.

The Effect
The output of the laser is best described as an exploding and imploding star field.  It also has a similarity to fireworks.  There are hundreds of red an green beams that can constantly move and create some cool aerial effects.  With a little haze, the effect is even better of course.  A couple of these shining above your audiences heads  (never point a laser directly into a crowd where there is the possibility of someone looking directly into them) and you will have a very cool spectacle of color and movement.  Good stuff.

The Best Part
The best part is that the Pocket Nebula is very inexpensive.  MAP on the unit is currently $89.99, so load up on a couple and go nuts!

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